The Great Return - The Renewal of Orthodoxy in Britain

Published on 17 Jul 2020 / In Short Clips 0 - 15 mins

The Great Return - The Renewal of Orthodoxy in Britain

This inaugural video of The Academy of St Juliana focuses on the history of Orthodoxy in the British Isles and the role of the liturgical arts in the renewal of the spiritual and cultural life of the community and the nation.

This video features interviews with:
Archimandrite Philip of the Monastery of St Antony and St Cuthbert
Fr Stephen Maxfield of The Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Fathers of Nicaea, Shrewsbury
Aidan Hart, renowned iconographer, artist and writer.

The Academy of St Juliana is intended to be a centre for culture and education in the heart of Shrewsbury, UK . We invite you to participate and support the project and to follow our work as we create a hub of culture in the heart of the UK.

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We are at the very beginning of the venture and are in need of remodeling the interior and the exterior grounds of the Church.
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