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Sudan's Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas

Published on 20 Dec 2019 / In Youtube Clips

Orthodox Christians in Sudan have been celebrating Christmas.
They use a different calendar to Catholics and Protestants so mark the day later than many other Christians.

Church bells toll, calling people to mass in Khartoum.
Sudan has a large Muslim majority.
But there's also an Orthodox Christian community here.
Christmas falls on January 7 for Orthodox Christians in Sudan because they use the old Julian calendar instead of the 16th century Gregorian calendar adopted by Catholics and Protestants.
Father Phillip South says mass for the congregation.
He leads the congregation in prayer and spreads incense in the aisles of the church.
Father South also blesses the bread for Communion, a Christian ritual.
"Greetings to all my loved ones and greetings to the Muslims who are always wishing me a good year. May the Lord bring you great days," he says.
The mood is one of joy and peace.
"Glory to God, we are happy with the New Year and Christmas. All the glory to Christ. We hope for Sudan's security, peace and luxury, to always move forward in luxury, for Muslims and Christians to unite, no one can ever separate us for the love of God," says Mary Aziz.
Reda Nabil, who attended the mass, adds: "I hope that peace would reign all over our beloved Sudan which is a symbol of coexistence, forgiveness and love, among all Muslims and Christians. We wish peace and good for everyone in the region."

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