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Published on 01 Feb 2020 / In Youtube Clips

Hello, my dearest friends, and welcome back to our channel! Today I want to show you the Orthodox Russian Epiphany. I know, that Russian Epiphany is a very interesting topic for videos because it is an unusual holiday - Epiphany celebration in Russia can impress any viewer.
This is my new annual video about the Orthodox Epiphany in Russia - Epiphany 2020.
Orthodox Epiphany is celebrated on the 19th of January. Epiphany celebration begins in the evening of the 18th of January and lasts for more than a day. Russian Epiphany is one of the most famous Orthodox holidays in my country. I`ve already filmed a video about Epiphany in Russia - last year I uploaded a video about Epiphany 2019. You can watch it if you are new here! And this video is going to be a vlog about Epiphany 2020.
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Our new vlog is about Epiphany in a Russian provincial town. I think that there are already lots of videos about epiphany bathing in Moscow, but there are only a few videos about epiphany bathing in remote provincial Russia. And this can be even more interesting, I think.
Epiphany bathing in Russia starts in the evening of the 18th of January after the special church service. Epiphany ice bathing is the most interesting tradition of this Christian holiday. Russian ice plunge is famous all over the world. Every year more and more Orthodox Christians take part in the Epiphany dip. Russian Orthodox ice plunge is the most popular way to celebrate Epiphany.
Welcome to Russia and celebrate Epiphany with us! Enjoy the Russian ice plunge and other interesting Russian traditions! We wish you a happy Christian Epiphany!

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