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Orthodox Christians celebrate Palm Sunday in Israel, Gaza and West Bank

Published on 20 Dec 2019 / In Youtube Clips

1. Exterior shot of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre AUDIO: Bells ringing
2. Pull out from Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem to wide of Palm Sunday procession
3. Mid of worshipper kissing Patriarch's hand
4. Mid of Patriarch during mass
5. Wide of congregation
6. Mid of clergy performing ceremony
7. Woman kneeling in prayer
8. Wide of worshippers in palm Sunday procession chanting whilst holding palm fronds and candles
9. Shot through archway of Ethiopian Orthodox worshippers at Palm Sunday mass inside Church of the Holy Sepulchre
10. Mid of Ethiopian Orthodox worshippers playing traditional instruments and singing hymns
11. Mid of man playing drum
12. Priest wearing decorative, purple and silver traditional costume
13. Wide of congregation, man with umbrella in centre
14. Various of congregation praying
15. Close on prayerbook with writing in Amharic
16. Mid of women wearing white robes praying
17. Wide of Ethiopian Orthodox mass
Bethlehem, West Bank
8. Wide of clergyman leading children in procession in the Church of the Nativity
19. Mid of worshippers watching procession in church
20. Young girl lighting candles in church
21. Woman praying in church, candles in foreground
22. Mid of congregation praying
23. Mid of people walking into church with flowers
24. Exterior shot of Church of the Nativity
Gaza city, Gaza Strip
25. Wide of Palm Sunday mass
26. Various of priest leading mass surrounded by alter boys holding candles
27. Mid of alter boys holding palm fronds, crucifixes and candles
28. Pan of worshippers attending mass
In Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip Christian worshippers gathered to celebrate Orthodox Palm Sunday.
According to the Orthodox faithful, Palm Sunday marks the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem and was greeted by cheering crowds bearing palm fronds.
Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem led a Palm Sunday procession through the streets of Jerusalem before holding mass.
Worshippers lit candles and prayed during busy Sunday's services.
In the ancient Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Ethiopian Orthodox followers held energetic and vibrant Palm Sunday celebrations.
Prayers were read and men and women wrapped in white robes bowed their heads during the ceremonies.
At the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, worshippers gathered for mass in the Church of the Nativity, the traditional site of Jesus' birthplace according to believers.
The church is a sacred place of pilgrimage for Christians of all denominations.
Mass was also held for Orthodox believers in the Gaza Strip.
Clergymen wearing ornate robes read prayers by the light of candles held by alter boys.
Palm Sunday marks the start of Holy Week for the Orthodox Church, culminating in celebrations next Sunday with Orthodox Easter.

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