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Jordan Peterson on Orthodox Christianity | Compilation

Published on 06 Jan 2020 / In Youtube Clips

The first segment comes from a discussion between Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro on the Rubin Report. Streamed live 30 November 2018
Admittedly, Mr. Peterson doesn't go very far into his opinions on Orthodox Christianity in this clip; he does, however, seem to align his own perspective with that of the Orthodox, as opposed to the Protestants and Catholics.
Ben Shapiro claims that Jordan Peterson's understanding is fundamentally un-Christian, given that Christianity eliminates the burden of responsibility by attributing redemption to one's acceptance of Christ's sacrifice. Peterson accepts the critique, but only insofar as that idea exists within Protestant and Catholic Christianity.

The second clip comes from his Q&A on 28 April 2018
This clip can easily be found elsewhere, but it's included because his thoughts are more explicit regarding the differences between Christian denominations.

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