Armenian Apostolic Orthodox church

Published on 08 May 2020 / In Youtube Clips

Recent republic of Armenia and (Artsakh-province also called Kharabakh in Persian ) are today about 10% of its original size which is 300,000sqkm. The most important monasteries ,and monument is under occupation of turkey ,Azerbaijan and Georgia .the churches that you are about to see in both Armenia & Artsakh is much better condition than the one in occupied territories in turkey ,Azerbaijan and Georgia where they are Vandalizing our culture day and night in front of EU eye's to prove that Armenia is not existed ,and that lands is not Armenian !!one prove of this vandalism is in 2005 when barbarian turkish nation Azerbaijan distorted our ancient cross stones around 10,000 of it and thrown in to Araks river, to prove to their children that "Nakhichevan" is not Armenian land.
this video presents the most famous Monasteries In Armenia and Artsakh it is dedicated to our Orthodox brothers and friendly nations around the world who are interested in Armenia .
PS: this is not all the churches in republic !!!!!!!

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