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Terms Of Use

1.1 Anyone found or caught in violation of this website will be reported to the law enforcement agency.

1.2 ALL content uploaded to this website MUST be Christian Orthodox Related Content.

1.3 This website is regularly monitored and any member that has uploaded content which is of political manipulation or racially or culturally offensive will have their content removed immediately and their membership terminated for life.

GOD IS A SPIRIT Gospel Of John Chapter 4 Verse 24

1.4 Only registered members can upload content to this website.

1.5 Once registered - members will receive an email from us requesting their email validation to activate their account, it is important that new members follow this procedure to keep their account active so check your email inbox, if it is not in your inbox then check your junk box, open it and click 'Trust This Sender' the email will then go to your inbox, open it and follow the procedure.

1.6 Membership is free of charge and there is no cost or limit on the amount of content a member can upload.

1.7 Registered members can create their own content channel free of charge by clicking on the channels link at the top of the page then clicking on (Create Channel),
underneath the search box.

1.8 MP4 is the current video format supported by this site with a maximum file size of 100mb per upload and a minimum of 30 seconds in length for efficient upload and quality video playback, when upload is complete wait while the page reloads every 15 seconds until it produces three thumbnails, this can take a few minutes depending on video length, when three thumbnails are produced select one of the thumbnails then before the page reloads again click on the 'Watch Your Video Now' link to to view your video.

1.9 To delete videos from your account first log in and click on the videos tab, select the videos you want to delete by clicking the delete box under each video, then scroll down to the bottom left of the page and click the delete button.

1.10 If your videos are in wmv, ovg or any other format we suggest that you have them converted to mp4 with a minimum of 30 seconds in length for efficient upload and quality video playback.

1.11 Registered members must upload content of their ownership, any content that is not owned by the registered member he/she must seek permission before uploading, Monastic Eye cannot be held responsible for any breech of copyright on behalf of registered members.

1.12 To view the videos on this website on your android or ios apple devices there are various apps available for download for android in google play and for ios in the apple app store that support flash video playback, the two most popular are Photon Flash Player and Puffin Web Browser, these apps are very cheap or free and easy to install, we hope to have an app which will be compatible with all devices in the future.

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